Whiskey & Country: Raise A Glass To The Weekend Y’All!


We’re getting ready for some weekend fun with this weeks ‘Whiskey & Country’ playlist!

Starting us off is one of our favourites Old Dominion, with their song ‘No Such Thing As a Broken Heart’, if the tune alone does not get you in a good mood, we don’t know what else will! This is a song to remind you to always think positive and then hopefully only good things will happen.

Next up we’re ‘Keeping It Lit’ with Tegan Marie. This young up and coming star is helping us to get the party started with this great weekend tune. You’ll be tapping along in no time with this song!

Following is ‘Beer Money’ by Kip Moore, let’s be honest, the title says it all. We’ve worked hard all week to earn our beer money, just like Kip, so grab yourself a drink and sing along.

Rounding off is A Thousand Horses and ‘Southernality’, we’re definitely getting our country on with this tune, we hope we all have a little southerality in us… who doesn’t like an ice cold beer at the end of the day?

We hope you have your drink in hand and party shoes on, it’s time to dance to some ‘Whiskey & Country’.

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