Whiskey & Country: Raise A Glass To The Weekend Y’All!


It’s time for a whiskey filled weekend after a long week of work, so get ready to party with this weeks ‘Whiskey & Country’ playlist.

Starting us off with ‘Cooler’ is the duo Smithfield. This is a fun-filled song which describes everything that sounds ideal to do on a weekend. The catchy chorus is simple and super easy to sing along to, so there is no doubt you’ll be joining in, in no time.

Next up with have Sister C with ‘Willie Nelson & My Dog’, this sassy and witty tune by the trio will have you smiling instantly. The pure country sound and amusing lyrics make this a great weekend tune. Sometimes when the week is done, all you need is your dog to keep you company.

Following is Maggie Rose with ‘Goodbye Monday’. As we approach the weekend, we too can say goodbye to Monday! It’s time to get your dancing shoes on and party on to this song as the weekend is for letting loose and having a good time.

Rounding us off this week is Rachele Lynae and ‘Party ‘Till the Cows Come Home’. The title sums this song up and it also describes exactly what many of us plan to do this weekend. This is how you get down in the world of country music, this tune is sure to guarantee a good time.

That is all for this week’s update, grab your buddies and fill up you glass in preparation for another fun weekend.

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