Whiskey & Country: Raise A Glass To The Weekend


With country music week in full swing, we’re here to continue the party with some fun, weekend tunes with this weeks ‘Whiskey & Country’ playlist.

Kicking us off is Eric Paslay with ‘Friday Night’, as soon as the beat begins, you will find yourself moving along straight away. You know a song with ‘Friday’ in it, is going to be a good one, especially when we’re gearing up to the weekend.

Next up is ‘Best Night Ever’ by Gloriana. The weekends are made for having the best nights, especially when country music is involved! I’m sure many can all relate to this song, particularly this week asA I am sure many have been out and about, meeting new people and country music week around London.

Following we have a new tune from Haley Georgia called ‘Shots’, now who doesn’t like to take a nice shot? The fun play on words and contemporary sound will certainly appeal to the more millennial audience, but it is not to say that everyone can enjoy this upbeat song.

Last but not least is Dylan Schneider with ‘Rockstar’, surprisingly this is more a love song than a party tune, however it does not mean we can’t enjoy it this weekend, after all you can’t beat an upbeat love song!

We hope you have a great weekend and enjoy all the ‘Whiskey & Country’ that you can handle.

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