#LYRICreviews: Walker McGuire’s Self-titled Debut EP

Walker McGuire have certainly been cooking up a storm on the country scene and their songs have been hitting the airwaves on Country Radio. The duo had a successful 2017, being named one of Rolling Stone Country’s “New Country Artists You Need To Know,” and had the opportunity to play Country Music Week here in the UK a few months back. You can read our interview with Johnny and Jordan here.

The boys are kicking off 2018 the right way, currently supporting Kane Brown on tour and releasing their debut EP today. We predict this to be a stand-out year for the duo. What did we think of their debut self-titled EP? Keep reading y’all!

The album has 5 tracks, the first being one of our favourites from the boys, ‘Mysteries of the World’. The lyrics are endearing and the harmonies in the chorus really show off their vocal abilities. It has that old-school country, story-telling vibe that describes love in a unique way “If you’d had told me the night we met, I’d be sitting right here tonight. Watching you slip into that dress, I’d said you’re out of your damn mind”. Wandering about the line ‘where did D.B Cooper go?’, read our interview here to find out!

The next track is ‘Lost’, which is the first single off of the EP. “Lost like a country boy’s first time in the city”. This catchy song has the potential to do well on country radio with tight harmonies and relatable lyrics, something that Walker McGuire cultivate into their writing.

The next track has already seen a great deal of success. This song has helped the duo get their name out there and showcases the duo’s standout artistry. With over 21 million streams on Spotify and success on radio, ‘Til Tomorrow’ has got the commercial potential and that rising chorus that songwriters dream of writing. “I swear i’ll never love you again, ’til tomorrow” The lyrics are honest and take the  approach of ‘i’m doing fine without you tonight’ stage of a breakup.

’18 Forever’, track 4 on the EP, is unapologetically country showcasing the storytelling aspect in their writing and the true essence of country music. “Back when, we thought, we’d be, 18 forever” – the song is essentially about growing up and having the mindset that you’ll be young forever and definitely has that summer feel to the production.

‘Best Kinda Bad’ is a guitar-heavy track that cleverly describes a night out on the town meeting a ‘one night kinda girl’. The chorus is catchy, with Johnny and Jordan alternating the lines ‘she’s the best kinda bad, the wrong kinda right’ and coming together for a line in harmony. We think that this track has definite single potential and rounds off the EP well, making the duo memorable and you wanting to give the whole EP another spin.. or two!


Walker McGuire EP track listing:
1) “Mysteries Of The World” (Johnny McGuire, Jordan Walker, Chris Dubois, Brent Anderson)
2) “Lost” (Jordan Walker, Justin Wilson, Kristian Bush)
3) “Til Tomorrow” (Jordan Walker, Johnny McGuire, Brian Carper, Trey Matthews)
4) “18 Forever” (Jordan Walker, Marc Beeson, Andrew Albert)
5) “Best Kinda Bad” (Jordan Walker, Johnny McGuire, Brian Carper)


The EP is now available:

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