#LYRICReviews: Top 5 Country Singles Out This Week

This past week has seen us country fans being treated to some great new music from the likes of Temecula Road, and Andy Brown. And here we bring you reviews of the top 5 single releases this week.


1: Temecula Road – Everything Without You

It’s hard to believe that this country trio are made up of teenagers such is their musical maturity. Their pop/country sound is very now, and their harmonies are simply beautiful. ‘Everything Without You’ is a song about just wanting to be with your lover. It’s a really sweet track and the lyrics are wise beyond the group’s young age. Temecula Road are one of the most exciting country acts on the scene right now and this single could catapult them to the top of the charts.


2: Andy Brown – Hallow 

The trend of pop/rock stars crossing over into country is getting more and more common and this is evident with former Lawson frontman Andy Brown now forging a successful career for himself as a true country star. His tone is gorgeous and with ‘Hallow’ he showcases his immense musical talents to the world. With UK country on the rise Andy has chosen the perfect time to crossover. It won’t be long until he is selling out venues and is topping the  country charts. His voice is perfect for the genre and with his new release he proves he is the real deal.


3: Ruthie Collins – Get Drunk And Cry

With the release of her debut album ‘Get Drunk And Cry’ just around the corner US country sensation Ruthie Collins has dropped the title track off the upcoming LP. Her sweet vocals are gorgeous and make for very easy listening. The track is a toe-tapper with a pop beat while still keeping a foot firmly in country. ‘Get Drunk And Cry’ is a really great song and it’s clear that Ruthie Collins will soon be the name on everyone’s lips.


4: Miley Cyrus – Week Without You

Heading back to her country roots Miley Cyrus releases her jazzy new single ‘Week Without You’. While the catchy track is still more pop than country it’s clear that Cyrus is stepping back to her Southern roots with her storytelling lyrics. Her tone has always been more suited to country and ‘Week Without You’ highlights that fact. It’s a standout from Cyrus and it should allow her back into the country music scene, while still keeping her tied to the pop world.


5: Chris Lane ft. Tori Kelly – Take Back Home Girl

Country sensation Chris Lane has teamed up with US singer/songwriter Tori Kelly for this extremely catchy country/pop single. ‘Take Back Home Girl’ is a true ear-worm and after just one listen it will be playing on a loop in your head for days. Lane’s country tones are gorgeous while the added bonus of Kelly’s sweet voice makes this song a real belter.

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