Coffee & Country: Wake Up And Smell The Coffee


We’re starting the week off right with some ‘Coffee & Country’. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and prepare for some relaxing tunes.

Starting us off is ‘Come And Find Me’ by Maisy Stella featured in the show ‘Nashville’. At the tender age of just 14, she is such a great talent. Her voice is full of emotion and heart. This is such a great tune to start off the week with.

Next up is the latest single from Keith Urban called ‘Parallel Line’. This guy knows how to make a great tune, lyrically and musically, it is hard not to fall in love with this song.

Following, is the unique voice of Devin Dawson with ‘Secondhand Hurt’. This is a great contemporary country tune that has a mixture of different sounds within it. We’re a big fan of his new album ‘Dark Horse’, if you haven’t yet, make sure you check it out!

Rounding off this week’s coffee & country is Walker Hayes with ‘Shut Up Kenny’. Lyrically we absolutely love this song, as it’s cleverly written and  has a great beat to reflect this. This is a very different country sound, but we can see just why people will enjoy Hayes’ recent release ‘Boom’.

Until next week y’all! We hope we’ve helped you to chill a bit. Have a great week!

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