Coffee & Country: Wake Up And Smell The Coffee


Do you need your weekly dose of ‘Coffee & Country’ to help you through the week? We’ve got it covered. Check out our latest playlist with some relaxing tunes to help you ease on through.

Starting us off is Morgane and Chris Stapleton with their haunting and spectacular version of the popular song ‘You Are My Sunshine’. The husband and wife both have equally powerful voices that sound absolutely phenomenal on this track. The song and meaning behind it is made that much better knowing the 2 are a couple.

Following is Aubrie Sellers with ‘Something Special’. This romantic song has a great melody and sweet lyrics that are perfect to sway along to. It’s nice to hear a song full of happiness and love to give you a slight boost when you’re stuck at work.

Next up is Striking Matches with ‘Nothing But Silence’, the calming tone of the duos voices combined makes this an ideal and soothing track for this week’s playlist. Their fresh, contemporary tunes, show us a different take on country music which we are more than happy to hear.

Rounding off this week is American Young and their emotional song ‘Soldier’s Wife (Don’t Want You to go’. The slow build up to this honest and passionate chorus tells the story of not wanting your soldier husband to leave. This will be a very relatable song for many wives out there who have to deal with this and hopefully this song will help them through.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s dose of ‘Coffee & Country’, have an awesome week!

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