Coffee & Country: Wake Up And Smell The Coffee


It’s a Tuesday, which means you have already made it through 1 day of work… we’re here to get you through the rest of the week, so grab a cup and listen to some ‘Coffee & Country’.

We got the joy of listening to a new duo this week called ‘Retreat’ and their song ‘The Way God Made you’ had the perfect relaxing tune and sweet lyrics that were made for a calming playlist like this. The 2 voices combined complement each other to make this a very soothing tune to listen too.

Following the theme of duos, we have Two Ways Home with ‘Don’t Give Up On me Tonight’. I’m sure we can all relate to this tune and how it’s easy to feel run down and tired, especially when you’re stuck at work, but this tune is great to show that you’re not alone and you should definitely not give up today, tonight or ever.

Another artist we discovered this week is Risa Binder and her tune ‘Easy To Remember’ instantly became one of our favourites. The slow country sound and story told shows off the great song writing skills, especially for country music as they are emotional and likely to be relatable for many.

Rounding us off this week is Emerson Drive with their country ballad ‘With You’. The beautiful violins creating the music, along with the heartfelt lyrics make this a great love song. You may find yourself swaying and swooning along with this tune.

We hope our ‘Coffee & Country’ playlist has given you the caffeine boost that was needed, we’ll be back next week with more.

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